Making it Special with Embroidery

Making it Special with Embroidery

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One of the coolest custom choices I added for my customers awhile back was the ability to do embroidery, especially names on your bags.  This is especially perfect for the items like the Drawstring backpacks and the lunch bags.  It is also a nice touch on Weekender Bags, Cosmetic bags for bridesmaids gifts and just about anything else you can think of.  I am limited to the 5 fonts below:

image (23)

However, making it special isn’t all about names! One very cool idea I came up with was to make my  husband a Levi Utility Bag for his video gear with our University logo as a wedding anniversary gift.  We both graduated from Sam Houston State University in Texas and because Sam isn’t A&M or University of Texas or Texas Tech there just isn’t a lot of merchandise out there that we can buy.  I purchased a Sam Houston logo for my embroidery machine and specifically ordered the colors of straps I needed.  This bag needed to be made special, as it was going to carry precious gear that we use for our video production company, so I put in 1/8 inch foam. (the Levi usually doesn’t have any support except for the bottom)  The outside fabric is heavy duty duck cloth.  This bag can seriously hold up!  So, the really cool thing about this is if they make the embroidery logo and I can get the right colors of duck cloth/strapping I can do this for any University or school.

image (27)

So the question is, what does something this super special and custom cost?  The base price is $55 for a Levi Utility Bag, but with customization like embroidery, addition of foam, embroidered logo on BOTH sides and special strap colors I would sell a similar bag for $75 plus shipping.

The one below was a gift and also personalized but it lacked the foam and time consuming embroidery but did have fleece to give it some padding.  This bag would be priced at $65.

image (7)


The great thing about embroidery is all the amazing designs I can get!  If you ask for something VERY, VERY specific to you, your custom charge may be a little higher as you will have to cover the cost of the design. But the great thing about embroidery designs is that they are generally $3-$8 each.  Just remember… I am limited by a 4×4 design size and I CANNOT embroidery on anything after market.. only custom bags I make for you.

More info about the Levi Utility Bag.

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