Dorian Laptop Bag

Dorian Laptop Bag

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So, I LOVE a fun laptop bag!  It is so depressing to go to Office Max and see the wall of solid black nylon laptop bags.  I mean, these are very durable and useful but they are so boring looking!

I recently had a request for a laptop bag.  This was actually something I had been pondering since the end of 2013 as I began to tote my giant laptop around more to video jobs with my husband.  We not only help clients with videos, but we also assist with social media and website content so I needed my laptop a lot.  I had a cheapo laptop bag for my then 17″ computer that I kind of hated, but it did the job.  Then my husband got a new 17″ laptop and I got a 15″ one.  There went my laptop bag over to him and I had nothing… but I make bags, and custom ones!  I should be able to make one that would be beautiful and not boring.  I like messenger style laptop bags so I found a pattern that looked like it may work.  I used by best quality 1/8 inch foam and interfacing underneath my favorite Paris fabric and put together a bag that looked pretty nice… until I stuck my heavy 6 pound laptop inside.  It just looked awful!  The bag sagged, the shoulder strapped pulled (although it was firmly attached) and it just didn’t look right.  I was dejected.  I took it apart and made it thinner in profile and sewed it back up.  I stuck my laptop inside, kind of cringed and carried it around anyways so I didn’t waste my beautiful fabric and expensive supplies.

Feeling dejected I put the idea of making one for sale out of my mind and moved on to wristlets and diaper bags.  I always agonize over the quality of what I put out (probably too much) and what I had made was just not going to make me happy.  Then I had a request for one!  My favorite pattern maker Swoon had come out with a beautiful messenger bag pattern that had some nice touches.  So for a solid week I contemplated how was I going to do this?  If there is one thing I have learned about making fabric bags is that the fabric is just pretty dressing.  The real bag is the stuff you don’t see.  Did you know all lightweight cotton in my bags first has interfacing fused to it?  That gives it a pretty fuller bodied look… and that is just one hidden part.

Finally after a night of not sleeping I HAD it!  Dense 1/4 inch foam fused to the interfaced fabric and a layer of peltex in the sides/bottom.  Then for good measure I would add a thin hard board to the bottom to keep it from sagging.  Another important structure change from my first failed attempt that came with the new pattern was the placement of the straps.  I also decided that a turn clasp would be the perfect way to hold the flap closed.

image (30)

I worked the entire next day, a Saturday, to sew it up…. and this time I had the product I wanted!  Some of you may not know I go through this, but I really take pride in my work and want you as my customer to be spending your money on good quality products.  So… I am now finally offering the Dorian Laptop Bag!

image (34)

The specs: I can make this in two sizes, 15″ and 13″ so you can purchase the size that will fit your computer.  I am also working on a 17″ size. They all measure 3″ deep so you can fit a few more things in there, like maybe a notebook, a mouse/mousepad and your power cord.  There is a zipper pocket on the outer back and 3 open pockets inside. The price is not much different between the them because of the sheer amount and cost of the supplies.

image (29)

If you want to order one See the Product/Price List HERE and the Order Form HERE

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