Date Night Hobo Purse

Date Night Hobo Purse

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So my mother-in-law’s birthday was approaching and I wanted to make her a couple of gifts.  I had purchased this great fabric before Christmas from that was so her.  She really loves birds and I found this very cool print with flowers and birds in pink, blue and some earthy colors.  I had 1.5 yards of this fabric and I really made it stretch!  For Christmas I made her an Aeroplane Duffel Bag and for Mother’s Day I made a Small Coraline wristlet.

image (14)

With her birthday approaching I knew I had just enough left to do a couple of things.  I wanted to make her a Necessary Clutch Wallet, so I cut and sewed that first and even added some bling to it (which she loves).  I was trying to decide what else to make when I saw Dog Under My Desk had just released her Date Night purse pattern.

I was doing a little jig in my head because this was a hobo bag!!  I have a little love/hate relationship with hobo purses.  I mean as a standard idea I love them, but for some reason I couldn’t ever find a pattern I was happy with.  I detest really slouchy bags (which most hobos are) and I had not been 100% happy with some of the patterns I had tried to make more structured. My mother-in-law however loves hobo bags because she only wants the one strap.  Two straps cause annoyances like one strap always falling off your shoulder.. and I totally get that!!

Now this bag is what I call a structured hobo bag!  It has a beautiful flat bottom (which I have bulked up with peltex and a removable hard board) but yet it only has one strap and has a beautiful full zipper closure.

image (41)

This is called Date Night because it is small.  You know, for when you are just going out for a few hours and don’t need to carry every single thing… or when you leave the kids at home and you don’t need to prepare for every little emergency.  This is also perfect for all you ladies who like smaller purses!  It measures  11.5 inches wide x 3.75 inches deep x 7 inches tall with a 11 inch strap drop.

image (40)

It can also be perfect it you want to go out without carrying a big giant heavy purse.  Sometimes we just need a break from all the bulk.  The Necessary Clutch Wallet fits perfectly inside, both the large and the mini size.

image (42)

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