Customizing with Leather

Customizing with Leather

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I am an admitted fabric addict.  I work with fabric every week, all kinds!  I search for fabric for my customers and I drool over new fabric from popular fabric designers like Tula Pink, Michael Miller, Premier Designs, Alexander Henry and more.  My Birthday was coming up and I knew I wanted to make myself a special purse.  I had my eye on some Blend fabric in the Sardinia line.  They have this beautiful feathery print with modern colors in faded dark brown, pink and mint green.  This was definitely my style!

When the fabric finally arrived (4 days late and 1 day after my birthday) I went to work quickly!  I wanted something extra special, so I took a good hard look at my leather stash.  I have 3 hides of leather that I can use as accents on my bags, including straps and for color blocking.  This is genuine leather, not pleather!  I can also use vinyl and pleather for a less expensive option but durable wear.  I have dark brown, green and dark gold colors.  I decided that my dark brown leather would be perfect for this beautiful fabric.

image (52)

Luckily I had already premade my straps.  Yes, I do hand make my straps using my walking foot industrial machine.  These are not factory straps, they are handmade.

image (53)

I quickly put together my new Birthday purse just in time to go celebrate with my friends.

image (51)

The Cate purse does have a zipper closure on the outside. It also has 3 patch pockets (one is a pen pocket) and 1 zipper pocket in the lining.

image (49)

If you want leather accents on your order the pricing is quite a bit more.  This Cate purse is $70.  I also will need to match the leather for you since it’s not easy to do on your computer screen.  I am limited to my 3 in stock colors.  If you really want leather, please request on the order form and I will look for fabric to match.  I DO NOT do all leather bags or wallets.  I DO make leather accented items.

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