I am married with two cats and love to sew!  My Mom always sewed when I was growing up… quilts, crafts and sometimes clothes.  She taught me some things along the way.  My Dad sewed on industrial machines with his own business when I was a kid.  He sewed airplane upholstery and craft bags.  I guess I just come from a sewing family.

Several years ago I wanted to sew on my own so I asked for a sewing machine and I got a starter Kenmore.  A couple years later my parents upgraded me to a Bernina!  I gave my starter one away to someone else who wanted to learn to sew.  Then Summer of 2012 I was feeling crafty and went to my pinterest page and made a cosmetic bag.  I thought maybe I should sell them and started my bag making business, MosaicFlower.

I developed this business on Facebook into a custom fabric bag business where I sew many different patterns with the fabric my customers want!  Now I bring you this website where you can sew along or see how your items are  made and order one for yourself!